Prepare your listing on Solana NFT marketplaces

When it comes to the secondary market, you want to have a strategy. It may not make sense to list on multiple exchanges, find the one or two which suits you best. In case you go bluechip mode and need information on listing on all the exchanges, you may find it here! We will first list all the exchanges and what you need to prepare for a certain marketplace, and then give a wrap-up with a cheat sheet. But before that, we want to put your attention on an important step you should take – defining your story.

Your Story

Its important that the people get your project / your artist story within the first moments of looking at your art. It makes sense to take some time and develop an artist statement, and then strip it down to the 64, 250, 500 or 1000 characters you can use at the different exchanges. Find more information on artist statements here:

Now, lets have a look at the marketplaces:

Exchange.Art – Listing direct:

  • Profile Picture, 1:1, can be a GIF, max. 2.5 MB
  • Banner, 1500 x 300px, max. 5 MB
  • Description max. 500 Char
Exchange.Art Categories – Application Link:

  • Profile Picture, 1:1, 125x125px
  • Banner, 1500 x 300px (can be 1000-2000 x 300+ px)
  • Card, 600 x 600px
  • Description max 250 Char – Verification Infos:

  • Profile Picture, 1:1, 512 x 512px
  • Header Image, 2:1, 1920 x 960, upper half is cut
  • Horizontal & Vertical Promo Banner 300 x 476px / 476 x 300px
  • Short description (64 Char) & Long Description (999 Char)

MagicEden – Application:

  • Profile Picture, 1:1, 500 x 500px
  • Header Image, 1440 x 1050px
  • Short description (max. 160 Char)

Solanart – Application:

  • Profile Picture 1:1, 400 x 400px
  • Banner 2:1, 1024 x 512px
  • Project Description

Alpha.Art – Application when logged in:

  • Profile Picture 1:1, 800 x 800px
  • Banner 1600 x 900px
  • Additional Banner 960 x 640px

Other information to prepare

Questions you might be asked in the submission forms:

  • Categories
  • Proof of own work
  • Estimated Drop Date
  • Twitter Link
  • Website
  • other Links
  • Email
  • Discord ID (your-name#1234)
  • Invitation Link to Discord
  • Supply
  • Mint List
  • Candy Machine ID

Media Format Overview

MarketplaceProfile PictureBannerAdditional
exchange.art1:1 / can be GIF1500x300px
FTX.us1:1, 125x125px1500x300px600x600px
Solsea.io1:1, 512x512px2:1, e.g.1920x960px300x476px & 467x300px
MagicEden1:1, 500x500px1440x1050px
Solanart1:1 400x400px2:1, 1024x512px
alpha.art1:1, 800x800px1600x900px960x640px

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